The creation of a Vertical Landscapes Modular Green Wall System has 5 stages:
  1. Consultation

    We commence by visiting your premises to assess the layout, size, location, light conditions, integrity and suitability of your wall. We’ll take note of your preferences, ideas and the intent of the design. We’ll do a preliminary plan of the drainage and irrigation systems, as well as the lighting system, if one is required.

    We’ll make a preliminary plan of the wall, and select plants from our list of hundreds of tried and tested varieties, ranging from orchids to strawberries to cabbages to leafy, tropical exotics.

    Have a living wall idea but you’re not sure if it can be done? To arrange a free consultation, contact us.

  2. Design

    Once you’ve given us the go-ahead, our design and engineering teams takes the plan of the wall and performs more detailed design work, employing Computer-Aided Design (CAD) packages to plan how the structure will fit together, as well as planning the aesthetic features of the wall. We welcome your feedback and we’ll involve you at every step of the process, to ensure that you are more than satisfied with the end result.

    Wherever possible, we use interchangeable, standardised system components. This allows us to replace any components that are damaged, quickly and easily. However, our strength is that, where required, we design custom equipment that allows us to cover any wall, to create any pattern and to bring to life the most outlandish ideas that we can dream up.

  3. Manufacture

    During this stage, we assemble our Green Wall modules, we fabricate the stainless steel structure, and all custom equipment in our factory. Then each individual plant is hand-washed of soil and planted into the growing medium of your assembled green wall, where they will rapidly root into the rockwool fabric.

    We test the irrigation system and ensure that the the wall is ready for the installation phase.

  4. Installation

    When it’s time to install the vertical garden onto your wall, we partially disassemble it and transport it in sections to your location. This allows us to install the wall quickly and with the minimum impact on your home or business.

    We perform a post-installation check of the living wall. Once you’re happy, and once we are, there’s nothing left to do but to admire your Vertical Landscape.

  5. Maintenance

    The watering of your vertical garden is handled by the automatic irrigation system.

    In addition, as every wall is an advertisment of our company, all of our green walls come with a renewable maintenance contract. We’ll determine the best maintenance schedule, based on the plants used and the environment. Typically, our maintenance team will visit every few months to replace the nutrient solution, check the wall, trim the plants and keep your wall lush and covered.
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